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 Events and workshops that help shape a more positive culture and more effective teams. 



Our improv-based training and events have been designed to help corporate teams master and infuse the skills necessary to develop or strengthen interpersonal relationships, understand the importance of active listening, and build a culture which serves as a workplace foundation which encourages confidence and enthusiasm. Your team will learn skills such as how to work together with a united front to tackle complex challenges, ways to expand ingenuity and creativity, and techniques to build team spirit and overall harmony.

Your team will be better equipped to perform as a cohesive unit as a byproduct of strong interpersonal relationships. Your team will also be able to maneuver fast-changing workplace conditions as your organization scales and evolves, capitalize on favorable market conditions, and meet investor demands. And as a cohesive unit, your team will share a take-charge attitude initiated with confidence and enthusiasm.


     Are the two simple words of “no” and “but” holding your organization’s team members back from creating new and innovative possibilities? The improv principle of “Yes And” requires team members to accept each other’s ideas and thoughts by saying “yes” and building upon those ideas by asking “and” what’s next. Two simple words, endless possibilities. 

Our Programs

Team Building

This powerful workshop will transform any group of people into a cohesive team. 


Informative entertaining and active

Executive Programs 

Transform the culture of your organization from the top down. 

Positive Sales

This workshop can turn salespeople into a sales force. 

Public Speaking

Master the art of presenting in front of groups large and small 

Health Care is Patient Care

This workshop builds empathy, teamwork, listening and emotional intelligence.   

Innovation and Creativity 

Learn how to unleash the principles of improvisation to brainstorm and problem solve by empowering both the group and the individual.  

Lunch and Learn 

Just a taste of improv training the Lunch and learn in part icebreaker and part mind blower. Contact us now to find out more. 


We will work with you to fully customized workshops to fit your needs and goals. Set up a call now so we can start designing you program 

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“Brett helped put us at ease quickly so that we could begin learning game-changing

improv-based strategies. The workshop improved team morale and the ability to really connect as a cohesive unit.”

-Anna Messina, Manager 


“Best of all, we saw the power of “Yes, and…” When we agreed and built upon another’s idea, we moved forward together. It was a safe place to play, learn and come together as a team.”

-Jennifer Leuer, Team Leader  

“They helped to break down barriers and allow team members to see some different sides of each other’s personalities that don’t often show in the workplace.”

-Meta Dunn, Special Projects Manager  

“Was amazing to see how the group began to let their guards down as the day progressed. It was obvious that the relationships were starting to form on more of a trusting level.”

-Nasseem Nilipour, Ph.D., Manager

"It was dynamic, engaging and fun!... the audience really loved it! "

-Charleen Ring, Program Director, Worldwide Business Research

“The consensus from the team was this was the best event they have ever attended. Managers were reaching out during happy hour exploring ways to get the teams working together.  I had several team members stop by to share how much they learned about themselves through the process.”

-Danielle Washburn, Senior Vice President

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The premise is a simplistic one, although improv as an artform requires well-honed skills, ongoing training, and a commitment to excellence.

Improv actors take the stage not knowing how things will unfold or evolve until they are up there – in the moment. Their performance begins with a simple prompt and from there – they improvise. Quickly deciding not only what to say, but how to say it, the cadence of their words, and the physicality of their movements. But it all starts with a simple prompt and from there, they chart their way as they go along.

And although they improvise, they rely on the principle of “yes, and.”

“Yes, and” simply means the actor fully accepts whatever fellow actors do and or say as their reality – and build upon it. Without question or judgment. And then, they are asked to add their own contributions.

In order for the scene to be effective, actors must be skilled in active listening, be fully present, commit to being judgment-free, and contribute freely and with purpose.

Similar traits or value systems can be found in businesses’ most effective workplaces. Especially those organizations where individual contributions are valued and recognized, where the culture truly fosters a sense of unity and oneness, and whereas a team, they inspire each other to take initiative and innovate.


The Three Transferable Principles of Improv 


With years of study and research, combined with a solid understanding of the dynamics within varying corporate environments, Yes And Corp. has identified key improv principles which can be effectively transferred to improve individual, team, and overall organizational performance. The 3 Transferable Principles of Improv have been proven effective for optimal results in organizations of varying sizes, industries, and corporate cultures.


Principle 1: Cultivate Positive Collaboration 

The fundamental tool of improvisation: "Yes, And..." provides a shift in perspective from “What is wrong here?” to “This is a gift and how can I build on it?" In the world of improv, this creates a feeling of trust within each player. There is also a tremendous amount of collaboration where each player works off the other to advance the cause. 

In a business environment, the implementation of this empowering motto helps teams unlearn the "No, But..." negative attitude that is often prevalent in team communication. With "Yes, And...," individuals feel that their ideas are being incorporated into the whole, which creates an environment where collaboration can flourish. By incorporating the principle of "Yes, And...," a sense of trust and unity can be engendered within a team dynamic. It can help organizations create what we call the Yes And Culture: a supportive, expressive, and positive team environment.


Principle 2: Become Powerfully Present 

Training Event with Experian Interactive 

Improv performers are trained to listen with their whole person. They practice seeing, hearing, and feeling everything in every moment, without the din of memories and expectations or thoughts of the future and the past.
























Now, and now, and a new now is where they live. 

In business, this fundamental provides team members with the tools needed to focus on a situation at hand and only on the situation at hand. By being powerfully present and focused, individuals and work teams can realize more effective interactions with clients and each other, improve their problem-solving skills, and increase productivity. 

Principle 3: Embody Spontaneous Creativity 

The very nature of Improvisation is performing without a script. There often are elements, parameters, and even outlines for a performance, but the details of the action and dialogue are created on the spot. 


In business, the ability to adapt to changing market conditions, new team dynamics, or an unexpected shift in corporate direction can mean the difference between meeting revenue expectations - or not. By embodying the fundamentals of spontaneous creativity, organizations can achieve a level of responsiveness, nimbleness, and innovation, allowing their teams to more effectively adjust to the unknown and achieve more. 

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Yes And Corp Founder and CEO, Brett Duggan,

leading a corporate improv training session