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New Album Out Now!

New Album Out Now!

Greetings to the Burning Bale!

As most of our incredible fans in the Burning Bale know, we dropped our very first album this past weekend. If you’re a fan but didn’t know that, you’re not on the “incredible” level of fan, and you really need to get on it. If you’re not a fan at all, then hello! Welcome to our blog! Feel free to check out our new album!

The name of the Album is “Self-Titled Debut” from my brothers-and-sisters-in-this-amazing-journey-through-life/band and myself: The Fireturtles. The name of the album was originally going to just be “The Fireturtles”, because, it’s self-titled, but our publicist said it would be a bad idea to have both the name of the band and the album be the same, because then the front of the album would say “The Fireturtles The Fireturtles”, which sounds less like an album and more something someone shouts when they’re on acid. So we just called it “The Self-Titled Debut” instead.

Anyway, you can download our new album on this very website! Just go to our shop, find where it says, “buy album”, and press that button until that food pellet drops! I mean, the album. Until the album drops. Into your computer. You’ll get the reference when you get the album.

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