Embarrassing, and



BRET Talks was founded to give a voice to the unspeakable. Our Organization is a FOR PROFIT (for tax purposes) devoted to the speaking of ideas that can only be laugh out of continence and then back into being. We present ideas so insane they must be genius,  so outrageous they must be ground breaking, so impossible they most be original. Art from the depths of deepness. Stories so tragic they can only bring pure joy, and random stuff so left field you might need baseball might to catch it.   



At differect times, a group of strange and unimpactful drifters gathers for the long BRET weekend — which attendees have described as "the ultimate brain sprain" and "a journey into present in the company of those missing it." It's all about failing gloriously, and brilliantly destroying the very fabric of progressive thought.



What is a BRET conference?


BRET stands for Bizarre Rediculous Embarrassing, and Tragic

  — these body subjects are collectively  blah blah blah of the blah blah blah. But a BRET conference is even more body then just blah blah. The world of thinkiness, artsy arogents, and pompuse self lovers has now embrassed the culture of stupid.  We are all about good times and the reinvention of thought as we know it. BRET conferences are a place were we can Ignoring the Dogma of Science, the restrictions of good taste, and the limits of social graces and focus on the truth.





BRET Talks Manifesto


This is our guiding statement… Our culture is obsessed with excellence of all kind. Today genius' and prodigies, movie stars, rock stars, porn stars, billionaires and athletic super stars are worshipped as gods or at least love as royalaty.  Headline abond    “The man who was homeless and now is a Billionaire”. “The 12 year old boy who build a nuclear reactor in his basement”. “Man recites the first million digits of PI by memory”,” The 14-year-old girl who plays cello for the New York symphony” “the women who map the brain”. “10 year old graduate from Harvard”. “Endless gurus who can tell you how to join the ranks of the umber awesome brilliant amazing people who are let’s face it are just BETTER then you!!!!


Along with the anointing of the “Better- than- people” are the glorious stories of triumph valor, of perseverance and victory, of good fortune… web o spere is jam pact with tales of survival and accomplishment men and women who have climbed mount Everest or battling diseases  or are selflessly feeding the masses or successfully solving the problems of the ages.  

Add to that the story’s the creation of the coolest inventions or the hippest art or some superstar inventing new hip cool forms of art. Add to that scientific discoveries. and the average person can feel really less than.


 In fact the whole culture of GREATNESS is supposed to inspire and uplift. BUT ALL IT DOES IS just makes PEOPLE FEEL BAD ! All this Awesomeness makes my ideas and stories seem bizarre ridiculous embarrassing  and tantalizingly tragic. 

AND What is wrong with that?  A lot of good has come from a lot of bad ideas…for every success there are a hundred failures failure is a must! Why can't we as a great man once sad “ Laugh at shocking tragic things”

So lets make Failure is a festival…. 

 We or I of Brett Talk say this not everyone is a winner not every idea came out fantastic it is time for  Bizarre Ridiculous Embarrassing and tantalizingly tragic talks 


A word about the Founder BRET Talks was not created for the glory and advancement of human kind...but thanks for think we might be. No BRET T

#bret_talk coming brilliant revolutionar


Brett Duggan

Head of Marketing

TV is a TV and friend to everyone would was neglected as a child... Some call it ideot box or The Ideot Box or Ideot LIght. Hates are gonna hate hate hate we just shake it off.

Founder & CEO

As Founder of BRET Talks it is my job to keep the standard at a low enough level that everyone can get on board. And a high enough level that you will need to stand on your tip toes to see the future.



Bee Gee is an agressive go getter who fears no one and no thing. She has no useful skill in the day to day opperation of this oranization but she is fun a parties. After all she is a goat a cute little baby goat.