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Big Announcement! 

We just made a Distribution deal with ENV  and Amazon Prime !  

BRET Talks

Brettalks is the opposite of TED it's Bizaer rediculous embarrassing and tragic talks. This project was developed and produced by Not Normal Band production from concept to Post. We are proud to announce our partnership with ENV and Amazon Prime.

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The Fireturtles: an Indie-Rockumentory

Not Normal Band Productions, LLC,  sitcom pilot now on ENV and Amazon Prime.

Coming Soon

 At Not Normal Band Productions, LLC, we believe that it is our job to bring joy and laughter to the world. And we take this seriously we put no limits on how or what we will do to accomplish our mission!  This means, content creation, films,TV shows, live Comedy, Improv shows, comedy rock concerts, Festival support, Music production and collaboration with amazing artists and performers. 


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